Product Care

Everyday Care

Clean with a damp cloth and towel dry immediately after. Do not use care products that contain ammonia or silicone, as they will cut through the lacquer over time and damage the finish. With proper care, this hardwood furniture will last for generations.

Changes in humidity due to air conditioning or heaters, exposure to direct sunlight, surface moisture and seasonal climate variations can cause solid wood to expand and contract overtime. You can expect to find slight shrinkage, seasonal cracks or splits from time to time. These are normal occurrences that will not affect structural integrity of the piece. To help with this, a humidifier placed nearby your reclaimed wood piece is recommended. 

 Our time - honored construction techniques such as mortise and tenon joinery, dovetailed drawers & floating tops and panels ensure this product's durability by allowing for the natural expansion and contraction of solid wood. Variations in rustic finishes, including worn edges, uneven planks, dents and nicks are not considered defects but rather are desired as character traits that are inherent in reclaimed wood.



We take pride in the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of our furniture. Our
attention to detail in construction, design and material is unwavering, and so is our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction.

We will cover all material manufacturing defects within a 12 month period.

Reclaimed wood is a natural and imperfect material. Its personality lies in its complex grain and can be unpredictable. It is greatly affected by moisture, humidity, light exposure and fluctuation in temperature. Exposing the table to direct sunlight may cause the finish to fade or could even cause splits in the wood. Though our tables are constructed to allow for some expansion and contraction, exposing the table to moisture or humidity can cause a change in dimension to your piece, which may cause cracks. Please maintain a suitable environment for your piece. If it is determined by OId Wood Delaware that the defect has been caused by misuse or exposure to unsuitable conditions Old Wood Delaware will repair the product, however, there will be a charge applied for expenses associated with pick up, shop time and re-delivery.

For the avoidance of doubt the points below are not defined as a manufacturing defect:

• Any condition resulting from the incorrect or inadequate maintenance, cleaning, or from any use for which the product was not intended.
• The use of this product for rental use or for use in business or institutions or other heavy-duty applications.
• The matching of color, grain or texture of wood or leather.
• The colorfastness, commercial dye lot variations, wrinkling or wear of leather.
• The softening of filling materials under normal use.
• Customer Modifications of any kind.
• Surface cracks, chips or splits that do not affect the structural integrity of the item. Natural cracks under 1/8th of an inch that develop are not considered structural damage.