Recovered. Reclaimed. Reborn. All products made by Old Wood Delaware are hand crafted from reclaimed wood.

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Caring for Your Old Wood Furniture


When cleaning your wood only use a white cloth with a little water. Use a dot of Dawn on your damp cloth if you have a more difficult spot. Do not use chemicals cleaners they will strip the finish and damage the wood.




Do not place your wood piece near heating or ac vents, and do not place in direct sunlight. Temperature fluctuations can cause wood to expand and shrink rapidly, causing damage to the finish and wood.




Keeping the moisture levels regulated in your home is the most important thing you can do to keep your wood piece happy and healthy. Wood is alive at the cellular level and the fibers expand and contract with the normal fluctuations in relative humidity. However, rapid changes in moisture levels cause the fibers to expand and contract quickly, which can result in cracks and warping.  Most modern HVAC units keep a constant humidity level, however if you shut off the unit or your unit does not have a way of regulating the humidity levels, rapid fluctuations may occur particularly in the winter months. We sell a meter that will monitor your humidity levels, ideal levels are 45%-65%. If your HVAC unit is unable to regulate the humidity levels, then we suggest placing a small humidifier near your piece during the heating season.