Recovered. Reclaimed. Reborn. All products made by Old Wood Delaware are hand crafted from reclaimed wood.

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General terms & conditions


All sales are final. No returns, exchanges or credits. Deposits on any custom orders, including flooring, are non-refundable. 

Delivery Policy

Old Wood Delaware provides regional white glove delivery service for items sold in our retail location, which means that our shippers will carry the furniture into any room of your home on the first floor and will assemble the furniture. All deliveries are subject to a delivery fee that will be calculated based on mileage and the number of pieces delivered.  

We will cover any damages to merchandise and property associated with transit and delivery errors that are within Old Wood Delaware’s control. However, we will not cover any damages to furniture or property for pieces delivered that do not have an adequate and reasonable amount of space to enter the home through a valid entry way (I.E. we will not deliver furniture through windows).

As always customer satisfaction is our primary concern. Therefore, there is some flexibility in our policy, if you request a delivery to the lower level of or the second floor of your home, we may provide a liability waiver for any damages that may occur to merchandise purchased and/or property on site. Our staff has the right to refuse service that is beyond the scope of white glove delivery service, should they determine it unreasonable or unsafe. If a problem with the delivery of an item ensues, and you have asked our staff to go above and beyond what is considered the scope of white glove service, Old Wood Delaware is not liable for any damage to property or merchandise.   

Damage & Repairs

At Old Wood Delaware, we take pride in the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of our products. Our attention to detail in construction, design and material is unwavering, and so is our commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. We will cover all material manufacturing defects within a 12 month period. "Are these cracks in my piece normal?" The answer is yes. Here at Old Wood Delaware, we think of them as wrinkles in a cotton shirt. It proves the timber is real. Reclaimed wood is a natural and imperfect material. Its personality lies in its complex grain and can be unpredictable. It is greatly affected by moisture, humidity, light exposure and fluctuation in temperature. Exposing the table to direct sunlight may cause the finish to fade or could even cause severe splits in the wood.  Our time - honored construction techniques ensure this product's durability by allowing for the natural expansion and contraction that occurs in solid wood. Variations in rustic finishes, including worn edges, uneven planks, natural surface cracks, dents and nicks are not considered defects- but rather desired character traits that are inherent in reclaimed wood. Please maintain a suitable environment for your piece. If it is determined by Old Wood Delaware that the defect has been caused by misuse or exposure to unsuitable conditions Old Wood Delaware will repair the product, however, you will be billed for the expenses associated with pick up, shop time and redelivery. For the elimination of doubt, Old Wood does not cover issues related to cracking or swelling if it is determined that the product has been subject to prolonged exposure to unfit conditions. Unfit conditions are defined as relative humidity levels outside the range of 45%-60% and temperatures outside the range of 65-75 degrees.

For the avoidance of doubt the points below are not defined as a manufacturing defect:

In Stock Items

At Old Wood Delawares, we offer a range of unique furniture pieces that have been showcased on our showroom floor. Please review our "As-Is" policy before making a purchase:

Condition: All furniture sold off our showroom floor is sold in its current condition, without any warranty or guarantee beyond the coverage of manufacturing defects described above. It is important to carefully inspect the furniture before making a purchase.

Normal Shop Wear: Please note that the "As-Is" policy does not cover normal wear and tear or minor imperfections that may occur during display in our showroom. These imperfections may include minor scratches, dents, or blemishes that are a result of handling and customer foot traffic.

Inspection: We encourage customers to thoroughly inspect each piece of furniture before finalizing the purchase. Our sales representatives will be available to assist and provide any necessary information regarding the condition of the furniture.

Additional Finishing: If you require additional finishing, touch up, or would like to modify the finish of a in stock furniture piece, we offer this service for an additional fee. Please consult with our sales team for more information and pricing.

We strive to provide accurate descriptions and transparent information about the condition of our furniture. However, please keep in mind that the "As-Is" policy is in place to reflect the unique nature of each piece and its history.

Vendor Items

Apart from offering products that are manufactured locally by our craftsman, we offer unique and high-quality furniture and accessories provided by boutique manufacturers from around the world.  All of our furniture is constructed from solid wood, which is susceptible to changes in its condition based on its environment and its inherent variations. While we work with some of the highest quality manufacturers in the industry each vendor provides a different level of warranty. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide a 12 month guarantee for all of our outside vendors’ products. However, our guarantee to you as a customer is that we will make a sincere effort to recoup as much value as we can from the manufacturer of your piece. If we are unable to recoup any coverage from the vendor and Old Wood has the ability to repair the item, we will do so at a discounted rate.

Lead Times

We strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and deliver our products in a timely manner. However, it is important to note that the lead times provided are approximate and should be considered as estimates rather than guarantees. We understand that timely delivery is crucial for our customers, and we will make every effort to meet the estimated lead times. Factors such as availability of raw materials, production capacity, transportation logistics, and unforeseen circumstances may impact the actual delivery time. While we work diligently to minimize any delays, we cannot guarantee that the lead times will always be accurate.

We encourage our customers to plan their projects accordingly and consider the estimated lead times as a guideline rather than a fixed timeline. It is advisable to allow for some flexibility when scheduling installations or construction projects that require our products. In the event of any significant changes or delays to the estimated lead times, we will make every effort to communicate with our customers promptly and provide updates on the status of their orders. 

"As Is" Furniture Policy:

All furniture purchased from Old Wood Delaware's showroom floor is sold in its current condition, "as is," without any warranties or guarantees.Customers are encouraged to thoroughly inspect the furniture before making a purchase. This includes examining the item for any visible damages, defects, or signs of wear and tear. Old Wood Delaware will not be held responsible for any repairs, replacements, or refunds for furniture purchased under the "as is" policy. It is the customer's responsibility to assess the condition of the furniture and make an informed decision. Any repairs or modifications required after the purchase will be the sole responsibility of the customer. Old Wood Delaware will not provide any assistance or cover any costs associated with such repairs or modifications. Returns or exchanges of "as is" furniture will not be accepted. All sales under this policy are final. The price of "as is" furniture is typically discounted from the regular retail price due to its condition. Customers should take this into account when evaluating the value and suitability of the furniture for their needs.

By purchasing furniture under the "as is" policy, customers acknowledge and accept the condition of the item and release Old Wood Delaware from any liability or responsibility for the furniture's condition or performance.